Archive & eDiscovery

Unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate and threatens to bury our businesses and organizations. Emails, documents, and other files are expensive to keep but need to be available. Symantec can help you solve the problem of unbridled data growth. Our solutions enable you to keep what’s necessary at a lower cost and deliver dramatic savings and improved response times to legal and regulatory requests. Go ahead. Discover what’s critical. Below are Archive & eDiscovery Products:


Symantec AdvisorMail is designed to streamline compliance and email discovery by simplifying the review and supervision of email messages, instant messages, Reuters and Bloomberg messages, and social media. It is a leading cloud-based archiving solution for SEC- and FINRA-regulated firms as well as organizations regulated by GLBA, SOX, HIPAA and other compliance requirements. With more than 25,000 successful audits to date, AdvisorMail continues to be a leading industry standard for US companies who are required to satisfy governmental or regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault, the industry leader in archiving, enables organizations to efficiently store, effectively manage, and easily discover and retrieve unstructured information as needed for business. As the industry’s most widely-deployed on-premise enterprise archiving solution, Enterprise Vault helps customers deduplicate information at the source to reduce operational costs, manage organization-wide retention and information governance policies, and control the costs of compliance and litigation support.


Symantec Enterprise is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations store, manage, and discover business-critical information. Enterprise securely captures information in a centralized and tamper-proof online repository, with seamless end user access and rapid search functionality. Plus, the built-in collaborative eDiscovery workflow provides legal teams with roles-based access, expediting the discovery process. With no mandatory hardware or software required, the service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee.

OpsCenter Analytics

OpsCenter Analytics, formerly Backup Reporter, helps enhance data backup management and archive operations, verify service level compliance with more in-depth policy and schedule information, and align backup and archiving with the business. This backup management software provides multi product and platform support, business reporting, and complete customization, delivering enhanced visibility and control into the backup environment and operations.

eDiscovery Platform

The Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell brings transparency and control to the electronic discovery process. From collection to production, our workflow speeds time to resolution, improves accuracy and lowers costs. With better insight and less complexity, the eDiscovery Platform enables you to focus on strategy and create business value.

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