IT Management That’s Powerful, Affordable, & Easy-to-Use!

SolarWinds is one of the world’s leading vendors of IT Management and Monitoring Software. Ha-Shem partners with and recommends SolarWinds for a variety of requirements within SME, local government and education organisations.

Network management is not optional. It underpins the overall performance of your organisation. If your network performs well, employees can be productive and customers happy. We get your network management right – the first time!

There is no margin for error with network management. To help you gain and maintain control of your networks, at Ha-Shem we offer two options:

  1. network management as a service.
  2. we provide you with the component tools and services you need to manage and test the performance, configuration, fault resolution, security and reporting of your network performance.

No two organisations have the same requirements to achieve success. Therefore the right network management and visibility must be put in place. Once there, it will work for you and you have all the assurance you need to know that the network and applications under your remit work and they work well.

A Comprehensive Range of IT Management Software Solutions
Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Manager (NPM) delivers a robust feature set that enables you to increase network performance & availability, while improving IT efficiency. Plus, it is incredibly easy to use & is highly scalable.

Solarwinds Orion NPM enables you to quickly detect, diagnose & resolve network performance problems & outages. It offers out-of-the-box network-centric views designed to deliver the critical information network engineers need. Solarwinds Orion NPM is the easiest product of its kind to use & maintain.

Now at version 11 quickly and accurately identify network and application reliability and performance issues with built-In Deep Packet Inspection & Analysis, Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor makes managing dynamic networks easier than ever. Features include Enhanced ConnectNow™ topology mapping, virtual datacentre monitoring, automated network discovery, IPv6 Monitoring, a completely redesigned navigation system, in-product notifications, & SNMP v3 trap inclusion.

Installing Network Performance Monitor is straightforward but you might want to consider using Ha-Shem who provide a comprehensive installation service to allow you to get more from the application from day one.


(Fully Functional for 30 days)

Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

Solarwinds Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM) delivers affordable, easy-to-use network configuration & change management. It can be used standalone or integrated with Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) to provide an enterprise-wide, unified, intuitive view into your network configuration health & performance.

Solarwinds Orion NCM simplifies managing network configuration files in multi-vendor network environments with a highly intuitive web interface that offers point-and-click simplicity & easy access to configuration data. Plus, Solarwinds Orion NCM continuously monitors device configurations & provides immediate notification of configuration changes to help you resolve problems before they impact users.

With Solarwinds Orion NCM, you can quickly fix issues without having to manually Telnet or SSH into devices to change configuration parameters. Solarwinds Orion NCM also makes it easy to generate & analyse compliance reports to confirm that your devices are meeting regulatory & corporate standards.

Installing Network Configuration Manager is straightforward but you might want to consider using Ha-Shem who provide a comprehensive installation service to allow you to get more from the application from day one.


NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)

Solarwinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer provides detailed visibility into network traffic behavior & trends. By leveraging Cisco's NetFlow protocol to extract data from routers, this Orion module provides an in-depth view into which users & applications are consuming the most bandwidth. Easy-to-read charts & tables enable you to quickly isolate the cause of network problems & plan for future capacity based on historical traffic trends.

Solarwinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer displays network traffic by user, application, department, conversation, interface, & protocol. Integration with Orion offers deep drill-down across traffic patterns & into device performance, resulting in unprecedented visibility into usage, performance, & availability statistics. Competitive offerings merely infer & estimate utilisation data.

Solarwinds Orion Net Traffic Analyzer gives users enhanced functionality that makes analysing network traffic & bandwidth usage even easier.

Installing NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is straightforward but you might want to consider using Ha-Shem who provide a comprehensive installation service to allow you to get more from the application from day one.


IP Address Manager (IPAM)

Today's dynamic networks require you to keep a vigilant eye on your IP address space. Complex spreadsheets & home-grown solutions just don't cut it anymore - you need a solution that can give you comprehensive IP space visibility & help you prevent IP address conflicts from taking down network devices.

Orion IP Address Manager (IPAM) allows you & your team to ditch your spreadsheets for an easy-to-use, centralised IP address management solution that doesn't break the bank. Orion IPAM periodically scans the network for IP address changes & maintains a dynamic list of IP addresses, including non-responsive addresses. Orion IPAM leverages Orion NPM's intuitive point-and-click interface to allow engineers to easily drill down to investigate IP address space issues.

This makes it easy for you to plan for network growth, to ensure IP space usage meets corporate standards, & to reduce IP conflicts. Plus, you can easily coordinate team access to your IP space & track who made changes.


Engineer’s Toolset

Engineer’s Toolset Includes 50 tools to perform extensive network analysis & diagnostics directly from your desktop. The software applications range from configuration management, bandwidth & network performance monitoring to discovery & fault management tools.

The award-winning Engineers Toolset enables network engineers to diagnose & manage data networks with 50 tools divided into four categories. Click on these links to see what tools are available in the Engineers Toolkit:

  • Monitoring Tools
  • Discovery Tools
  • Cisco Tools
  • Diagnostic Tools

Installing Engineers Toolset is straightforward but you might want to consider using Ha-Shem who provide a comprehensive installation service to allow you to quickly assess your risk profile.


Firewall Security Manager (FSM)

SolarWinds’ Firewall Security & Analyzer Software Will Make You a Firewall Management Expert!

Firewalls are only as good as the rules that you’ve built. SolarWinds’ firewall rule analyzer feature can help ensure the integrity of those rules by analyzing and optimizingcomplex configurations, automating security and compliance audits, and simplifying change management to identify and eliminate weaknesses in your multi-vendor firewall environment.

Don’t take chances with your network’s security! Let SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager find and fill dangerous security gaps.


User Device Tracker (UDT)

What do you do when you need to find a device on your network & all you have is an IP address? Do you:

  • Crawl around chasing cables until you find where it's plugged in?, or
  • Search through your switch infrastructure's MAC address tables in the hope that you'll stumble across the corresponding address?

It's all a bit hit & miss & way too time-consuming.

How do you trace a rogue device on your network & identify when & where it's connected?

SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) makes it easy to quickly find a computer & retrieve the switch name, port, port description, VLAN & more. Simply search on an IP address, Hostname, or MAC address & SolarWinds User Device Tracker will rapidly find the current location of the device. If the device is not currently connected to the network, historical data will show the last known location. You can even set up an alert to notify you when the device connects.

SolarWinds User Device Tracker delivers device-tracking capabilities in line with expensive switch port-tracking appliance but without the expensive tag.

User Device Tracker can be installed as part of your SolarWinds Orion system or as a standalone product. Licensing is based on the number of ports monitored.

Installing User Device Tracker is straightforward but you might want to consider using Ha-Shem who provide a comprehensive installation service to allow you to get more from the application from day one.


Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

This agentless SolarWinds application & server monitoring software provides monitoring, alerting, reporting, & server management. Server & Application Monitor is easy-to-use & supports multiple hardware vendors including Dell™, HP®, & IBM System x®, along with the underlying hardware for your VMware® hosts. You can natively start & stop services, reboot servers, & kill rogue processes with the server management facilities. Server & Application Monitor’s has built-in support for over 150 applications & monitors for custom applications & new applications can be easily deployed.

The applications that can be monitored include Microsoft® Exchange, Active Directory®, Java® applications, as well as others. Additionally, Server & Application Monitor provides insight into environmental data, hardware status, & more.

When used together, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, Storage Manager, & Orion Network Performance Manager deliver an end-to-end view into network, server, storage, & application performance through an integrated web console. Not only will you get a single pane of glass for all of your monitoring data, you’ll also love the intuitive charts, graphs, tables, alerting, Top Ten lists, & reporting views that Server & Application Monitor shares with other SolarWinds products.

Installing Server and Application Monitor is straightforward but you might want to consider using Ha-Shem who provide a comprehensive installation service to allow you to get more from the application from day one.


Virtualization Manager (VM)

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, the comprehensive virtualisation management software that delivers integrated VMware® capacity planning, VM sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management & chargeback automation - all in one very affordable product.

But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself! Download a free trial of SolarWinds virtualisation management software, & in less than an hour you can start getting answers to tough questions such as:

  • How many VMs do I have & which ones are over or under provisioned?
  • Where are the performance bottlenecks in my virtualised environment?
  • How are my VMs configured?
  • How many app servers will fit in my current environment & when will I need more resources?
  • What departments are using which resources?

Whether you currently manage as few as fifty virtual machines or a massive corporate cloud, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager can scale to meet your needs. In fact, SolarWinds virtualisation management software is already helping IT pros manage early deployments as well as large-scale distributed environments of over 10,000 VMs.

Installing Virtualization Manager is straightforward but you might want to consider using Ha-Shem who provide a comprehensive installation service to allow you to get more from the application from day one.


Kiwi CatTools

Kiwi CatTools simplifies daily management tasks by enabling you to backup & manage network configurations right from your desktop.

With Kiwi CatTools, you can quickly schedule batch jobs & implement bulk configuration changes across routers, switches, & firewalls. Plus, Kiwi CatTools can notify you of configuration changes via email & generate basic reports. You can manage configurations out-of-the-box for over 60 network device types from industry-leading manufacturers.


Kiwi Syslog Server

Kiwi Syslog Server is easy to set up & configure, & offers a feature-rich solution for receiving, logging, displaying, & forwarding Syslog messages from network devices, such as routers, switches, Unix hosts & other Syslog-enabled devices.

Kiwi Syslog Server provides real-time views of your Syslog messages that can be filtered by host name, host IP address, priority, message text, or time of day. With Kiwi Syslog Server, you can set up advanced alerts based on message content, message volume, or meta data & perform automated actions, including emailing, message forwarding, triggering audible alarms, sending SNMP traps, & paging staff members. Producing trend analysis graphs & emailing traffic statistics is quick & easy!



The Ha-Shem team is here to help you select the best Solarwinds solutions for your organization, contact us today to get started.