Ha-Shem Academy

Training is an integral part of every business’ operational success and it is critical to receive the finest; a program tailored to the needs of your organization. Your organization is unique. That means our training is, too. We partner with your IT team, training department and business units to ensure that the courses we deliver advance your organization’s objectives.

Ha-Shem Network Services Limited provides organizations with superior computer and IT training programs. Our corporate IT training focus on providing expert instruction that will allow your staff to effectively deploy, manage and maintain successful IT infrastructures. We offer a number of customized IT training programs for small, medium as well as large organizations. As per the client’s requirements we deliver corporate training programs:

  • On site – At your premises
  • Off-site – At our training center

Skill Transfer

With our highly skilled and experienced solutions delivery team, skill transfer to enable our customers to manage their IT infrastructure better is a natural transition. Skill transfer is part of every services engagement that we deliver, for it gives customers the confidence which no remote or standby support can offer. This is done in a hands-on and interactive manner, in parallel as the deployment progresses, so that we can impart as much of real world experience as possible.

Unsure which Training program is right for you? Learn more about our training programs: Contract a training coordinator at 01 4546937 or email training@ha-shem.com. Our Courses maximize learning through intensive, hands-on exercise.

Train with the best

Our instructors are actively involved with products from the time of the earliest internal releases. Consequently, when they teach our classes, they combine in-depth product knowledge with their own real-world experience in business environments. All of which means that the student’s time at Ha-Shem is more than a training class. It’s time spent with an expert.

Our training prices include:

  • High-speed lab computers (16GB RAM)
  • Hands-on class room training
  • **Exam Fee (where applicable)
  • In-house testing
  • Official Curriculum
  • Breakfast, lunch & 2nd break
  • Free Wifi Internet in the Training Centre
  • Complimentary gifts – bags, 4GB flash drives and much more.
  • Hospitality Desk Support


Does your company have 3 or more students that need to attend the same class? If your answer is "Yes", Ha-Shem Academy has an "Anchored Class" solution for you! To "Anchor" a class, simply register Three Students into the same class and your company can set their own start date. The Anchored Class will be Guaranteed to Run!.

Empowerment - Here is where Ha-Shem most differs from other training & consulting firms: Our mission is to empower your team and associated staff with the knowledge necessary to successfully implement and maximize your technology.

The most advanced training available anywhere! You won’t find more advanced or more beneficial training anywhere. When it comes to new product implementation, there’s nothing like having an expert walk you through it first. This not only helps you avoid big headaches during implementation, but can also help you dramatically reduce associated downtime – making your rollout smoother and more successful.


Ha-Shem Provide room and equipment rental services. Contact us today for more information.