Response Time Guarantee Annual Fee:

Ha-Shem "Response Time Guarantee" is a service available to our customers to ensure immediate attention when critical networking and computer related problems occur. This program guarantees a response back to the customer promptly after Ha-Shem is notified. We can be notified during regular business hours by telephone or email or through pre-arranged methods after regular business hours. After notification, Ha-Shem will respond to the customer via telephone or in person within a pre-determined amount of time. Times vary per contract depending on the crucial needs of the customer. For example, a 24-hour Telco company may require immediate response while an 8-5 company may require a 4-hour response time. The customer will have access to a support line, which ensures contact to a Ha-Shem representative at all times. This "Response Time Guarantee" is a pre-billed service.

Pre-Paid Labor Hours:

This service allows for a quantity of labor hours to be purchased in the beginning of a contract period. As Ha-Shem technicians and network engineers perform labor, these hours are deducted from the pre-paid contract. Avoiding issuance of purchase orders and invoices as these activities occur can save valuable time and money. The customer is advised of their contract status throughout the life of the contract.

On Call:

Customers are billed based on the number of hours spent on customer site to remedy problems reported.

Contract Labor Programs:

Ha-Shem provides our customers the opportunity to have an IT professional contracted for short-term periods. This allows our customers to get immediate assistance on projects that they can't seem to implement due to a shortage of manpower or technical expertise. Ha-Shem contract labor program is a way to add technical expertise to your existing staff or to find a solution to a complex issue.

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