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Ha-Shem Consulting service can give you expert advice, design, project assistance, deployment strategy, complete solution implementation, and optimization services you may need to accommodate new change, stay competitive and avoid business risk.

Ha-Shem has decades of industry experience helping businesses make efficient use of technology. Our unique team of highly qualified technical staff holds high-level certifications with leading manufacturers. Continuous staff training on emerging technologies and practices, and our relationships with the manufacturers of these technologies, including our participation in special training certifications and early adoption programs, puts us at the front of the wave of new technologies and allows our clients to derive high value from Ha-Shem consultation. Ha-Shem assists its clients in developing IT strategies that are well-aligned with business objectives and that afford the best return on investment. Ha-Shem uses industry-standard methods and best practices to yield superior results to our valued clients, and we are dedicated to understanding and solving the particular business challenges that face them.

Whether you just need a little help configuring a router, would like the benefit of our expertise for an upcoming project, or would like us to phase-plan and implement a large-scale change, Ha-Shem is available to assist you with flexible hourly or project-based pricing, and has certified professionals able to assist 24 hours a day. Ha-Shem can help meet your most immediate challenges, or provide guidance in developing an overall IT strategy to mediate risk and optimize return.

The design and architecture of the network are, perhaps, the most consistently undervalued and under planned aspects of the IT environment. Yet, so much relies on your network as the foundation of your IT support. Commonly, companies design the network to fit their current business operations. As the business – and its technology requirements – expand, however, the network can’t support the growth and it begins to fail – with costly results. The impacts of a poorly designed network range from slow performance to increased downtime to lost productivity – and even lost revenues.

For more than 10 years as an IT consulting firm, Ha-Shem has designed and architected business networks with the future in mind. Whether it’s starting from scratch or a redesign, Ha-Shem's approach to right-sizing your network is to get it right – the first time.

We help reduce costs and speed the operation of our clients’ IT organizations to produce significant overall improved efficiencies. The professional consultants in our Service Solutions practice assemble the right solution set to enhance the effectiveness IT brings to each client’s organization, mitigating risk, ensuring compliance, improving quality and maximizing the value of the IT infrastructure to the business.

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